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Thread: FDNY Exam 2000

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    Quote Originally Posted by brian_patrick View Post
    Can you sit for the promotional if you are in the ems academy at the time the NOE is released?
    Yes, you can file for the promotional exam the day you are sworn into FDNY EMS.

    However, you cannot actually be promoted until you have 2 years in EMS.

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    Anyone know how high they are on the list for the current class? Did it get into the mid or high 1900's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrooklynBorn View Post
    Brooklyn belt NYSC?

    How do we prove to them we are candidates?
    Sorry man I have not check the forum since Friday, Back at work first thing I check.. I work out on 86st in Bay Ridge they have everything I need for training.. there are a few candidates that work out there, bunch who went through the academy a few going in Dec and a lot of guys OTJ.. they see you working out with bags/vest/dunbells on the stairmaster and they know ha, I have met several guys OTJ who are great and have helped me add to my workouts and answer any questions I have .. as for the FDNY discount I guess the CPAT letter will do if you show up in person to the club, they will give you the discount, 86st has a 19.99 membership offer currently

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