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Thread: FDNY Exam 2000

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    I don't know if you guys got this information already but my mentor sent me the list for all the Fap Sessions.

    March everyone got already.

    April: Midterm Assessments
    Fitness: 4/1/15 - 8am-12pm or 6pm-10pm
    Fitness: 4/4/15 - 8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm
    Calisthenics: 4/8/15 - 8am-12pm or 6pm-10pm
    Calisthenics: 4/11/15 - 8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm

    May: Final Assessment
    Fitness: 5/6/15 - 8am-12pm or 6pm-10pm
    Fitness: 5/9/15 - 8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm
    Calisthenics: 5/13/15 - 9am-11am or 6pm-8pm
    Calisthenics: 5/16/15 - 9am-11am or 12pm-2pm

    For the April Calisthenics - Those are what the times say on the notice but they might be incorrect because the other 2 assessments are only 2 hours. But I'm sure the dates are correct.
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    bklynfdny why didn't you guys run? weather?
    how many people went? everyone in decent shape?

    thnx for the post

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    Quote Originally Posted by BklynFDNY89 View Post
    Don't wear a suit, it's unnecessary. You can come in jeans & a t-shirt if you want & I would recommend it because you want to be comfortable for the duration of the test. Also, bring a drink of some sort.. I had a red bull with me just so I could keep my energy level up because the test really starts getting boring after 200 questions.. there's roughly 569 give or take. Completely personal opinion but I think the red bull is what helped me be one of the first 10 people done with the test. You'll see the faces of other people struggling to concentrate later in the test.

    I also had the FAP last night. The minimum standard for entry into the Academy is 30 push ups, 30 sit ups, 4 pull ups, & 13 min mile.

    Push ups - you'll have a dumbell under your chest which you have to touch in the down position. There's a 2 second cadence you'll be following from the Instructor saying "Down". There is no speed standard that needs to be followed in terms of how fast you go down or up, just be in the up position prior to the Instructor saying "Down".

    Sit ups - Fingers will be interlocked behind your head at all times & cannot be broken. You must come all the way up & touch your knees for the up position. You must touch the floor with back of your hands or your elbows for the down position.

    Pull ups - arms must be straight in a hanging position prior to each pull up attempt. When it comes to the kip pullups, my last 2 pull ups were somewhat of a kip pull up.. I kicked out a little bit to swing myself up but not so obviously.. the instructors didn't say anything.. also in some of the videos of the workouts at The Rock, it looks like they're doing not so obvious kip pull ups. What I mean is don't exaggerate your kick.. a little swing doesn't look like it will draw attention.

    Mile & a half - we didn't do this in our session. But someone otj was talking to us & mentioned that even though it's 13 minutes to get into the academy, on day 1 if you're running anything over 12 minutes you're going to be put into remedial. So run the mile & a half in less than 12 minutes.

    Also, it was put out that there are 5 classes left to go in.
    Thanks for the info man, very helpful.
    Question about the pull wide is the grip on the bar? Shoulder width or wider?

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