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Thread: FDNY Exam 2000

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    Quote Originally Posted by FDsouthbxNY View Post
    If you're in the 2800's, youre' VERY MUCH on the cusp of this summers class. Even if you miss it, it won't be by much and you're a certainty for the following class. Just be ready, mentally and physically.
    Wow you think it will go that high?
    Dwm predicted into the 2700s.

    If it goes that high I'll be in the second run day then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FDNY4LIFE718 View Post
    Hes messed up
    I wanted a hard copy way before I got any appointment letters. He managed to make me a copy and it's way cheaper than printing one out myself. So no he's not messed up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EKFCASPER View Post
    No one should be charging anyone for something that's readily accessible for free. Especially when they are getting overtime and helping future employees. That's just my opinion.
    Now you starting rumors, no one is making a living selling manuals. But if I wanted a hard copy it came out cheaper than printing them myself.

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