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Thread: FDNY Exam 2000

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    in terms of the guy with a 90 at cpat training. if he took the test and didn't add veterans preference - a lot of guys try to use those points for promotional exams instead of the oc - that would dramatically increase his score. he also could have added residency or had that taken away.

    also a 90 is a lot different than "he scored in the 90's"

    but yea who knows, could be a name typo switcheroo too

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    Quote Originally Posted by k20dc2 View Post
    It's possible that there are two candidates on the list with the same names . And I mean identical names , And he just happens to be the one with the higher score , it's all based on the social security number .
    All based on SSN? Can others confirm this also? If so, the next competitive, I'm pretty much effed and put onto the low end.

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