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Thread: FDNY Exam 2000

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrooklynBorn View Post
    I eat nothing like that and not much at all but weigh too much for my height. I'm gonna try and cut out aspartame and see if that helps.
    yea all the media outlets are putting articles out about the negative effects of sugar substitutes. good luck. me, i never liked the taste of it

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirEd View Post
    I have been doing a lot of research into this background check we will have. In New York you can't have anything sealed or expunged. At least not for background checks done by the city, like FDNY, NYPD. If you had the class c misdemeanor from another state you will have to check if it is truly sealed. Honestly, I would pay a lawyer to find out if it is truly sealed/expunged before not listing it on the background.

    The problem is when the NYC does a background check they will pull all arrests, even if they were dismissed/expunged/sealed. They will also use this against us. What was your Class c misdemeanor for? If it was drug, theft, violence related they will especially take that into account.

    Honestly, the biggest worry about the process is the background check. Unless your record is squeaky clean, you should be worried. I'll say that I'm worried, even though my record isn't that bad. But when I take my entire background into account, criminal, work history, etc., I will say that I'm worried.

    There is also a rumor that if you're white they are looking to disqualify you for any reason to try and get the minority numbers up.

    Another thing to mention is someone that I was in contact with was telling me he had to list all his arrests that were all dismissed. I searched his posts today and found out that they disqualified him for these arrests which were all dismissed. He was also asking about the appeals and hiring a lawyer.
    Disregard anything and everything this man just said . He has no clue what he is talking about. The rumor u heard is just that a rumor . It's false . Won't waste time adressing it.

    as far as the background goes , if u have multiple violations . Arrest etcc. Yes that will raise a flag , fdny is looking for a repeated pattern . If u slipped up once or twice for non related issues , then it would not hurt you as much as u may think , fdny is much more lineant than nypd is .

    Just be upfront about everything and don't allow them to find out on their own . It shows that your honest , honesty plays a key role.
    No need to go looking for lawyers .

    Remember innocent until proven guilty. If u were convicted of a crime hey that's a different story , but if the case was Dismissed then you have nothing to worry about. A court of law already valuedated your innocence.
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