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Thread: FDNY Exam 2000

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gomer Pyle View Post
    Nice ... I saw a few probies there though this Saturday.

    Just as I was getting in around noon, there were a whole lot of them getting out. I got that feeling like " damn, wish I could be wearing that uniform soon ... "

    Wonder why they were there on a Saturday ?
    They offer extra training on Saturdays for anyone who is having trouble. To those currently in the academy and everybody else I would say take them up on the offer at least once. It's a bit more of a laid-back pace compared to a standard academy day, and it's all about trying to get as much practice as possible before finishing.

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    If I had a recent year of "unemployment" (no W2), I need a letter of support right? I can't just say I was unemployed and living off savings?

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