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Thread: FDNY Exam 2000

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    Quote Originally Posted by FFwnt2b View Post
    For those that are in the academy now, and those that just graduated. Make sure you do well on FST, I know you did not need to pass this to graduate but from what I'm hearing, they are pulling guys that just on out from their respected FHs and making them do it. I don't know why, just thought I'd mention it. Something about making it mandatory to pass like it was for my class.
    GOOD. It should've stayed mandatory. But i thought our class was the only time they changed it. A passing fst score wasnt required for last class either?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirEd View Post
    Does anyone know a good minute goal to do on the stair master?

    I'm rising my time slowly, I am using 82lbs and did 4 minutes today on it. Probably could have gone higher, but no reason to rush it.

    What would be a good time to shoot for with 82lbs to make sure that I am able to do it on the test and be able to get off and do the rest of the CPAT.

    CPAT is only 3:12 I believe, so you should be OK there. Medical is 5-8 min depending whether you pass the first time or need the 8 min. I'd work up to 10 min just to be sure you'd pass it.

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