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    Default air pack age

    I have one quick question. Is there an age limit on the pack itself, not the bottle? If so where is the best place to find it.


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    As far as I know there's no explicit limit, as long as you can still get annual Posi-Checks done by a qualified technician. They won't Posi-Check some older types anymore such as the Scott 2A, and Cairns/Global Secure BAs no longer have any support, but I'm unaware of any requirement that an SCBA must be retired at any particular age.
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    As far as I know, they can go as long as you still have/can get replacement parts for them.

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    NFPA 1981 requires that "Information on training materials regarding retirement shall be provided at least on replacement/retirement considerations" and "The SCBA manufacture shall provide the manufacture's specified component service life for composite breathing air cylinders and for all elastomeric components of the SCBA. This information shall be included at least in the maintenace information provided to the users"

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