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    Question Spartan Gladiator

    We have a 2006 Spartan Gladiator... love it. Except while sitting on scene one afternoon, I heard my truck's air horn just going on a constant blast until it ran out of air... I figured it was my engineer acting a fool! When I walked outside, I saw him running around the truck trying to figure out what was going on as well. It did fine on the way back to the station, but when we started the truck back up later that afternoon, the air horn made us all need to go change.

    We did some looking around and traced it down to the officer side foot pedal. We replaced it, and it continued to do it. So we ended up just removing the pedal and taping off the wires. Haven't had a problem since, but man do I hate not having an air horn!

    Has anybody else had a problem like this? If so, what in the world is it?

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    Check the switch with a meter to see if one of the wires is grounding intermittantly. If the truck is running when you have this problem it could be that vibration is causing this to happen. If the truck is v-mux'd and you have v-mux software you can monitor your in puts and out puts to see what is causing this.
    The A/C is not cold enough, the warning lights are not bright enough, siren is not loud enough, the C.D. player skips every time we jump a curb, cab doors only open to 89.5* and it's been like this since day one!!!!

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    I have an '08 that did the same thing last summer. When all was said and done, all it needed was for that node to be reprogrammed with the original binary file. Hasn't done it since then.

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    Also check the solenoid operated air valve to make sure it isn't hanging up. T.c.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rescue101 View Post
    Also check the solenoid operated air valve to make sure it isn't hanging up. T.c.
    also check to see if there is a drain valve in the air line to the solenoid as there can be a build up of moisture & gunk that can cause the valve to get sticky and operate intermittently.

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    Without seeing how this is wired, it almost sounds like it's making the connection through the switch housing. As in, if the foot pedal gives it the ground signal it's looking for when depressed, maybe it's getting it's ground through the physical mounting point of the pedal itself? Again... would need to see it to determine more. But if you've replaced the pedal and it still does it, this sounds like the next thing I would look at. Good luck!

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