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    Default SAFER Grants for Volunteer Departments

    My department is a volunteer department that protects the unincorporated area of a midsize metro area. This metro area is home to a large state university. Historically, our membership has drawn heavily from the student population which comes with benefits, as well as frequent turnover as they graduate. Recently, members have begun discussing starting a Live-In program due to our proximity to the university as well as public transportation. I wanted to hear from anyone whos departments have either started a live-in program and how they used grant money to help, or a department who may have expanded a live-in program using grant money.

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    There are a number of departments that offer reduced or free rooming in exchange for volunteer FD/EMS service. University of Maryland @ College Park is just one - awesome facility!

    that being said - We recently completed a 4 yr SAFER grant that included a Higher Education Tuition program for FF's in or with kids in college. In exchange for the stipned, they provided provided a specific qunatity of in house daytime coverage manhours (to reduce repsonse times).

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    I have also had a couple of R&R "dormer" programs go the distance in past few years. They do get funded.
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