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    Default OLD LaFrance Help

    Looking for help from those in the know. We have a 1938 LaFrance. Currently not running. 12 cylinder, 6v system. We are looking for information on who can help us breath life back into her. Probably a complete engine re-build is not out of the question. We are aprx. 30 miles southwest of chicago. We are even willing to trailer it to the right person if need be. Our Firefighters Foundation is currently re-habing our museum and want to get this beauty in running order. We have been told that it was 1 of only 3 like this made and were originally destined for Europe. Some how our department took new delivery. Like I said, any help or information on who could help would be great.

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    If you want it done right, the first time, to the point where it looks and runs like the day it came out of the factory, you need to take it to Hal Fillinger.


    You will pay. A lot. But as I stated. Right the first time, so good you could eat off of it. She will run better than when she came out of the factory.
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    From what I can SEE, and unless the engine is stuck,I'm NOT seeing an engine overhaul here. Those were GOOD engines and could sit for YEARS and be easily brought back to life. T.c.

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    Default Another to try

    Hal is a great one to contact on this but another you might want to talk to is Andy Swift of Firefly Restorations in Hope Maine. Andy did quite a few of the ALF's for Freightliner when they owned ALF as well as Jay Leno's ALF. Great motor guy as well as full restorations.


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    Contact the links below. The first is the home link for SPAAMFAA and the other are the Chapters in Illinois.

    The Engine you posted has an Lycoming motor, for what it is worth.

    I don't think it may take a lot to get her running again. Contact one of the chapters for assistance.



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    Looking at ALF's website, there is another individual besides Andy Swift:

    "Over the years, American LaFrance has worked with a number of skilled craftsmen to restore units for the museum. If you have a question concerning the restoration of the museum units or need help with your own restoration project, they can be contacted directly."

    Kenneth F Soderbeck
    Hand in Hand Restoration
    749 E. South Street
    Jackson, MI 49203
    Phone (517) 789-6290
    E-Mail: redpaint@dmci.net
    Web Site: http://www.umich.edu/~oats/restore/

    Andy Swift
    Firefly Restoration
    805 Barnestown Road
    Hope, ME 04847
    Phone: (207) 763-3828
    E-Mail: firefly@tidewater.net

    I thought that ALF looked familiar. Its on page 175 of Walt McCall's book "American Fire Engines Since 1900". It really is an awesome looking machine!

    Anxious to see how she looks when you guys get it squared away. Good luck with your project!

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    The Texas fire museum does engine rebuilds. They are frequent posters on the alfowners forum.

    Found them as I was researching the rebuild of our 49 ALF 700 series

    Good luck, fantastic looking engine!

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