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    Default Dyno Suggestions

    Looking to purchase a Dyno for general training and testing purposes of rope and gear. Any suggestions? I was looking at the ED Junior 10,000 lb/50 kN:


    Any alternatives / places that give a great deal?

    Feel free to PM or reply to the thread. Thanks!

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    Couple of things to consider (I have not looked at the one you are considering)...
    1. Get one that uses an internal battery.. mine has an external battery pack and is a bit of a bother.
    2. Consider looking at a model that will also read compression (not just tension)... you might find that handy some day.
    3. Get a model that will hold/display the peak force (like you might be looking for in a drop test).
    Hope that helps.

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    We use Dillon load cells and have had very good service with them.


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