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    Post Firefighters interventions


    During my hobbies, I'm creating a game about firefighters. I try to make it fun (this is a game), educational and informative.
    The goal is to discover firefighter trade and univers, but also to informe the gamer from risk and danger from distincts domain.

    I play with the public during firefighting events to informe the population. Young people like to play it.

    I would like to add more risk and firefighter/EMS interventions.
    The best source of informations is firefighters experience.

    I have already basics interventions, I'm looking for anecdotes.
    That could be something like : a paraglider hand to a church
    something unusual or exceptional circumstances

    If you have some exemples of interventions on specific place like (this is elements of the board game) :
    • stadium
    • racetrack
    • Forest
    • prison
    • university/college/school
    • farm
    • golf
    • baseball stadium
    • cinema
    • shop
    • airport
    • beach
    • funfair
    • industrial zone
    • sea
    • harbor
    • industrial harbor
    • road/hightway
    • house
    • others ....

    thanks a lot for your experience and your help to make the public information better. If some catastrophes or disasters can be avoided.

    best reagards

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    smoke detectors

    fire sprinkler systems

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    Quote Originally Posted by fire49 View Post
    smoke detectors

    fire sprinkler systems
    In the game I ask about smoke detectors, I says to the player the risk if you not have one. I have not ask about fire sprinkler systems

    thanks for the idea. I miss it.

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