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Thread: Communications

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    First off with pagers it was about 8 months before I got issued a pager. I did get text message alerts however these were some times unreliable.

    Now the great radio debate. I didn't get a radio until I was 18. And the only reason I got one was because we got luck to be given a boat load of radios when a nearby plant upgraded. Therefore a few juniors at my station do have them. Really though there is only one of our jrs that I feel should have it and he has both FF1 and EMT and is a few months from being 18.

    I'm not sure how other places are but for us i'm never on the radio. Very rarely is mine even on. I always bring it but I'm a younger guy and I know I shouldn't be on the radio. So if I feel myself I shouldn't really use one I don't think any of my juniors should. There are plenty on the trucks that they could use if they had to hit a hydrant or something.

    All though we also have our own private channel that can be used to say we are responding to the station so this is partly why some jrs have it. Also we use it on the fireground so a JR could be told to do something on that channel. Just some more food for thought.

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    In my department, we are issued pagers if there are extra's which there usually is. We are not allowed to have a radio, until you are able to tech in the back of the rescue by yourself. So, since you can not tech in the back of a rescue by your self until you reach the age of 18, you can not have a personal portable. If you are on scene and you are baby sitting the hydrant or excluded from the rest of the crews, they want you to have a radio because you might be able to help the crews.

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