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    Hi guys,

    I'm a FF from Germany and have a question to you. I've looked some video by Dirk Steinhardt (bettern know from rescue911.de)

    He rides along with engines and some times with the battalion chief and nobody is upset or angry.

    In Germany it is permitted for ordinary citizens to go out with engines and co. because of insurance problems and other things.

    In USA the law seems to be easier and not so ristricted like the German one.
    Is this the responsibility of the chief and he takes the risks?

    Hopefully you can aswer my question.

    Thx Mat

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    Our dept allows ride outs with no problem

    Sorry, you just watch, not play

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    I've ridden in a couple of places. Usually it just takes the say-so of a higher-up, and like Fire49 says, you just get to watch.
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    Pretty much depends on the department. Some allow it while others don't for insurance reasons.
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