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    Default Hearing Requirements

    I am currently in the medical field, but am extremely curious about becoming a firefighter. Unfortunately, I am partially deaf; approximately 65% of a "normal" person's hearing.

    Is this a significant detriment to my odds of becoming a firefighter or are there ways around it? Even if I wear hearing aids, will it still count against me greatly?

    Thanks in advice, Firefighters!

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    This would be a serious safety issue IMHO. I wouldn't want to go into a fire with you if you had even the slightest difficulty hearing instructions. How would we be able to insure your safety (or for that matter, my own as well).

    Before you get upset, let me explain. When a team takes a charged line into a structure fire, each person has a specific role. The person on the nozzle is watching the fire. That individual is responsible for watching for anything that might be a hazzard including paying attention to the color of the flames, and possibility of flashovers, etc. The second person on the line is watching the walls to see if they are breathing, the roof to make sure it isn't sagging, and the floor to make sure both of them are safe. If you can't hear the creaks and rumbles to know when to advance and when to run like hell, you get killed. It's that simple.

    My advice would be to check with your local Departments and ask them.

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    Each department probably has specific requirements. I have some mild hearing loss in one of my ears. My FD sent me to a full physical which included a hearing test. I did pass at a level B (what ever that meant). It was good enough to pass the physical. Sounds like you have a higher loss than me though so you might need to check with the department.

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