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    Default DC Firefighter/Paramedic

    So I get the Firehouse Jobs Central email, but do not have an account anymore for the jobs section so I cant get any details. Anyways, for the last several months, it lists "Paramedic Firefighter - District of Columbia" with a closing date of 9/30. I've looked all over the web, but cannot find any info on the job. On the FEMS website I've found info saying they are hiring and to look on the DC jobs website for further info, but when I search the jobs there is nothing! Am I going insane, or is there a disconnect here somewhere? Anyone have a membership to the jobs section to get more info? I'm poor at the moment, otherwise I'd pay just to see what it says!

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    They are not hiring at the moment. I completed the process a year ago just before the hiring freeze. I dont think they will be hiring any of us any time soon.

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    Don't waste your time with DC. Major issues going on there between management and the line personnel. The paramedic hating has gotten a little bit better, but still a lot of medics leave because they realize its not worth working there with all the liability and bs you have to deal with. The uncertainty everyday of what turn the dept is going to take is ridiculous. As you can see DCFD has been on the news about T shirt logo changes and sitting on street corners in crime infested neighborhoods because people think it will deter crime. If I were you I would apply with fairfax co. They pay much better, have better equipment and stations, and treat their employees better. I'm not trying to be biased just letting you know the facts to save you some unnecessary stress.
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