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Thread: PUC Engines

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    Quote Originally Posted by npfd801 View Post
    Pretty sure you can't do manual and electric on the same valve, but you can run an electric valve I'm sure with two control heads. I've been wrong before though.

    If that's the case, put controls in the cab for what you would need to do on a roadway (tank to pump, recirc, trash line, etc.), and the engineer will never be at risk. I know that's been done before.
    Custom Fire did this for us on a rescue pumper. There were electric AND manual valves on most discharges. The electric control actually operated the manual pull handle- it moved in or out when you pushed the toggle switch. Not sure how they accomplished that, but it worked.

    I never understood the 2 200' mentality, either. Every place I've seen has buildings that range from right beside the sidewalk to waayyy off the road. Places with obstructions that had to be stretched around, huge buildings that would eat up that 200' before you even got to the fire, etc etc etc. I've heard guys rant on and on about how you'll never use all those crosslays, and/or you ain't got the water etc. Never occurs to them that having a bunch means you can pack different lengths for different situations.

    I think the 2/2 thing came into play as an average number for builders to use as a "standard" for stock units and pricing. Many depts probably either never considered changing it, or put it farther down the priorities list, and ran out of budget.

    Just my take, but those PUC crosslays look like they'd be a bitch to load without a slide out tray- they're 1 width wide, and VERY deep to keep them at a low height. Same goes for through the body speedlays, how else are you supposed to load em? Access doors from the cab or cpmts?

    I like the idea of keeping spare, preloaded trays- kind of like a speed loader, a spare cylinder, or an extra magazine for a pistol! Smart thinking!! Nothing is so much fun as reloading filthy, half frozen hose after a winter fire. This would put you back in service quickly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 16Scott View Post
    Can you provide the pump test RPM to go along with the PSI and GPM?
    Here y'all go, information for our 2008 Pierce PUC...

    1506 gpm @ 150 psi (pump tach: 1630, cab tach: 1680)
    1063 gpm @ 200 psi (pump tach: 1640, cab tach: 1700)
    750 gpm @ 250 psi (pump tach: 1840, cab tach 1860)

    A severe vibration was noted during 200 psi pump test as well.

    Testing done through one 6" side intake, 20' of 6" hard sleeve, 10' of lift.
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