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    Lightbulb Highway safety unit:

    The department converted a dump truck that the city's water department no longer wanted, and rigged it with shock absorbers in the back, a flashing arrow sign on the rear and the paint, chevrons and emergency lights typical of fire trucks, according to WOOD.

    The attenuators attached to the back of the new truck help absorb energy of a crash to protect both the responders and the passengers in the vehicle.

    All equipment either came from spare reserves or was covered by a private insurance company grant of $15,000, meaning the vehicle came at no cost to tax payers.

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    Great tool. My only concerns would be the staffing needed to get it to the incident and the reaction of law enforcement to the use and placement of the truck.

    Around here, law enforcement is in charge of traffic control and there would surely be concerns about the "Big Truck".
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    That's a great idea.
    Kyle - FireSquad911

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