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    Default Stretch Limo Roof Removal?

    Since stretch limos exist across the country, how about we discuss our plans for limo extrication. Remember, the paying customers are in a big open 'room' inside the limo. I can pretty much guarantee they are not seated and belted.

    So, what is our plan for typical extrication tasks?

    I'd like to start with a scenario of a full load of passengers in the back. Let's say 8 patients. Command wants total roof removal. We're on the team assigned. What do you think?
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    If it were me,I'd section it into manageable pieces. And NOBODY is gonna be happy. Noisey and labor intensive. Of course if it's side resting, just make a unloading ramp of it. T.C.

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    You are going to have to piece it.

    I would also really assess closely if a total roof needs to be done. Perhaps a few flaps would do the job?
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    Cool Limo Extrication (Occupant Area)

    How I'd do it is:

    Occupant Area:
    (On the tires) Step chock on all (4) corners. Secure the electricity. Find out where the victims are, and take the Posts on both sides of them. Example: Everybody is piled in the rear I'm gonna attack the Rear Door/Hatch. I know that the Rear Door is a hatchback so we're gonna secure the struts using a Halligan. If the rear area is storage only, then we'll take the closest door and perform a "3rd door" maneuver.

    If they are in the larger span area, then I would take the door and then "3rd door" the side. Fold the 3rd door and that should give enough space to work.

    (On the side) Strut both sides, I'd go with (2) on the undercarriage side and (1) on the top side (unless it appeared the vehicle was more likely to roll the opposite way, then I would reverse them). Secure the electricity. I'm gonna use the sunroof to help me and take an Air Chisel and extend the break in the material across the roof, to both sides. Place additional wedges under where I'm gonna be extricating (create a fulcrum point and base), take both of the "C and D" Posts and crease the roof. Peel the roof back and access the victims. It would look like a swinging door (for a visual).

    (On the roof) Fill the void space under the hood with cribbing and an airbag. Wedge all (4) sides. Depending on the height, Strut It. From here, it's a regular Extrication Job. Take the doors and 3rd door the side or perform a "B Post Blow-out" and modify it as necessary.

    If it's a high speed rollover, or something like that I'd think "Plinko" from The Price is Right and know they're gonna be jacked-up.

    Hopefully, what I put here makes sense. I did this looking and studying the picture but didn't have the picture available as I typed.
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