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    Default Another Solar Panel in the Roof

    The 2011 Nissan LEAF is yet another new car that has a solar panel integrated into the roof...sort of. The LEAF is the all-electric plug-in from Nissan. It is a four door, 5-passenger car. Along the very top edge of the rear hatchback is a solar panel. The function of the panel is to feed 12v power to the 12v battery that is up front within what used to be called the engine compartment. On the electric Nissan, it's now the 'electric motor' compartment. Anyway, check it out. It's not in their ERG.

    By the way, the other recent solar panel-equipped vehicle is the optional 27v DC solar panel for the 2010 and newer Prius. It is well identified in their ERG.
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    Thanks for the update..... I'll definitely go over this with my Guys.
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