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    Need some help here. The combination department I work for on the coast of NC has a policy the fire chief supports. That allows volunteer members who have taken the 10 courses needed to meet the minimum training standards for NFPA 1403 to operate on emergency calls as interior firefighters. The way I read 1403 is its for live fire TRAINING. Not emergency operations. As the career Captain I see this as a real liability on Department, Fire Chief, Town and myself if someone gets hurt or worse. Can someone from NC tell me if this is good, bad or what?

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    are firefighter standars of training covered under NC state statutes? Unless Nc has adopted NFPA 1001 im not sure there is much that can be done. Yes 1403 covers who may operate inside a training burn, but again, it is all dependant on the AHJ in your state or area as to who enforces that, and the legal ramifications involved if somethig were to happen. The use of NFPA recommendations in court has limited precedence.

    Here in FL all of FF training and standards are covered in Statutes 633 , and NFPA 1403 was adopted as state law as well.

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