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    Default Motorola minitor referb kit...

    Hey guys,

    I currently have a Motorola Minitor IV. Problem is after usage for quite some time the nobs and the casing have become chipped and cracked....I can buy a referb kit off ebay that will give me the nobs...the back housing...the front housing and the battery door. Thing is....how hard is it to transfer the hardware from my existing pager to the new housing. Im a expert in computers but have never taken apart a pager. Mind you not alot of people in my area are pager or communication repair savy.

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    In 16months it's going to be obsolete (NB changeover). How much do you want to spend fir 16M (or less) of use?

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    Your pager will show little or no degradation due to narrowband. Refurb it. Motorola parts is 800-422-4210.

    Anyone want to get rid of their Minitor IV's due to narrowbanding let me know I will make you an offer!

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