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    Default Concealed Carry Policy

    Does any department in Ohio that is a combination department have a concealed carry policy in place. Any help in this issue would be great value.


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    Is it for paid or volunteer? Being near the Mass/NY border, it could be an issue for some. Chiefs here respond in personal vehicles, so a chief who hunts or has a carry/conceal license and happens to have his firearm on him when the tones go out for MA accross the border, he is essentially breaking the law. IF it were in his own state he'd be fine. Maybe if it were on his mind responding he could take the slide off and secure it, with the (unloaded) weapon I'm sure it would not be a big deal if anyone even made a fuss about it to begin with.

    Point is I think it primarily depends on your jurisdiction/contract and whether or not you paid/volunteer.

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