One Point......... As much as I hate the word, and the attitude that goes with it, Liability is real, and in my opinion, something that we have to deal with...... Here's my version: When someone calls 911, we don't get to decide if something is an Emergency or not, we only get to assign priorities. In other words, when someone calls 911 it becomes our issue to deal with. Now, having said that, I agree that the average "Tree blocking the Roadway" call is NOT an Emergency, it's not a Lights and Sirens, Pedal to the Metal, thing. It is, however, a request for help from a citizen. When you consider the other things related to such an incident, it (To Me) becomes something that we should deal with. Items like a Real Emergency on the Street Beyond the Tree, a Tree blocking a dead end road with people who can't get to or leave their home, An unacceptable "wait time" for another agency (like the Highway Dept.) to handle it, etc. etc.... Set a priority? Absolutely. But do something.