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    I tested for a small career department in Iowa back in September of 2010. At that time we did the CPAT and a civil service written test. After all of the testing there were only two people who passed the tests and were placed on a certified list for hiring for the department. When I applied for the department I was told by the Chief as well as it was printed on the application that the hiring list would be good for two years unless the list is exhausted prior to the two years. When I passed the test I received a letter from the city congratulating me on passing the test. The letter said ďthe civil service commission met on Oct. 1, 2010 and certified a list of two (2) applicants for appointment to the Fire Department. Any new members to the department will be selected from this list.Ē Then in May of 2011 the department had two openings to fill. In late July I read the local paper and saw an ad for firefighter testing. About a week later I received a call from the Chief and was told that they were going to retest and told me I was more than welcome to retest if I wanted. I was never given a reason why. I did not even get an interview! I have contacted the other guy that made the list he was treated the same. Just looking for some input from you all. I personally donít see any reason for civil service testing if you can throw the list out at any time for no good reason. Both of us on the list are well qualified candidates for the job with the same certifications that the guys on the job now have. Let me know what you think. Thanks

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    Just move on. There is no winning here. Only degrees of losing.

    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

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    Research into Iowa's civil service... there may be a requirement for number of persons required to be on the list for "x" amount of job openings.

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    Hi Captslim-

    Just move on...This is not a battle you want to be fighting...There are TONS of agencies hiring right now, and no one seems to believe it. Now is a GREAT TIME to test...and a terrible time to fight a battle with a small town department that probably reserves the right to do whatever they want with their lists. Remember, they never actually GUARANTEED you'd be hired. They merely expressed an intention to hire from the list they got and changed their mind.

    I know its a bummer, but do another great job on your next exam.


    Paul C.
    City of Las Vegas Fire & Rescue & The Fire Jobs App

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