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    Default Hello from Indiana

    Hello I've been lurking here at firehouse.com for quite sometime, about a month ago I dropped a packet to be a cadet firefighter at a deparment outside my district (don't tell LA! ). A little about myself, both my parents spent years on the department I applied to. I made my first run while still in the womb! (my responded as the primary EMT 'well nurse technically' from home to a car vs. train so I've had fire in my blood from the start!) Right now on the department I am just waiting for a recruit class to start in the meantime I hang around the station washing trucks, laying hose, getting random training here and there, and just doing whatever I can. This October I am enlisting into the Guard hopefully as a firefighter and from there good Lord willin' and the crick don't rise too fast I'll make my way on a career department.

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    Hi and welcome to the site, thats quiet a story if I may say so

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