Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Safety Training

Developed by the NFPA, this brand new electric/hybrid vehicle safety training presentation provides all responders with the information necessary to respond to emergency situations involving all advanced electric and hybrid vehicles on the road today.

Topics include:
• Overview of EV/ hybrid electrical & safety systems
• Identification of electric & hybrid vehicles
• Immobilization process
• Electrical power-down procedures
• Emergency operations (battery fire, submersion)
• EV/hybrid extrication awareness, including high-strength steel considerations
• Recommended practices for EV/hybrid vehicle fires
• Hybrid heavy trucks

This training is very interactive, and provides details that will allow responders to effectively and safely work with electric/hybrid vehicles. Myths will be exposed, while realities will be reinforced. A simple approach will be offered allowing any agency to safely mitigate hazards and provide extrication, even facing the challenges of advanced steels.

For more information, please contact Billy Leach. Email: Telephone: 336.465.0989.