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    Default Land based rescue SOPs

    I was wondering if anyone has some land based water rescue SOPs or SOGs

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    It is a bit hard to pin down specific steps in water rescue because of the amount of variables. Our SOP's are basically a bunch of safety rules. I really don't care what they do as long as they follow the basic safety rules.
    No turnouts anywhere near the hot or warm zone
    PFD's will be worn
    Never tie a rope to a person in moving water unless equipped and trained to do so.
    Don't work past your training. (in other words no swimming rescues for non technicians etc.)
    Our SOP's call for mandatory calling of the water rescue / Dive team when their is or possibly is a person in the water.
    We have people trained from awareness through technician so it is hard to say you have to do A,B,C. With the right people a "Go" rescue may be the best and safest, on another day everyone may just be on shore trying throw bags till a boat arrives.

    Hope that helps
    feel free to ask specifics, I'll help any way I can

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    Default SOPs


    I was wondering if I could get a copy of your department's SOPs as my department is currently working on this. Thanks.

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