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    Default Pulse CO-Oximeter?

    Still considering what to apply for, getting alot of suggestions. Pulse CO-Oximeter's sound like a good idea. We occassionally have access to one from the county haz mat team and they seem very functional. Considering requesting 3, one for each front line apparatus. These could be used on CO investigations to evaluate residents and could be used on incident scenes in rehab to evaluate FF's.

    According to an article I found, FEMA is requiring them for USAR teams,

    "Masimo Rad-57 Pulse CO-Oximeter has been added to the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) list of required health and safety equipment for all Urban Search & Rescue (US&R) task forces throughout the United States. FEMA authorizes funding for each of its US&R task forces to purchase multiple Rad-57's, enabling them to quickly, accurately and noninvasively detect carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning on the scene of disaster recovery operations."

    They are also listed on GSA's site, still checking to see if those prices are the best around.

    Has anybody else requested these? Been awarded? Other input?

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    I got one last year as a part of a "Firefighter Safety" project. It included the RAD-57, a cardiac monitor (12-lead, defib, pacing, RAD-57, SpO2, etc), fit testing machine, and RIT equipment.

    I think you're going to have a hard time doing it as technical rescue. We just had a major disaster and I can't think of one time when CO Oximetry was used. Now, the major ice storms where power is out for days or weeks on end? Sure, especially with the people that run generators in their garage. I just don't see tech rescue as a justifiable reason compared to someone asking for other equipment that falls into the firefighter safety realm.

    However, monitoring our personnel in rehab after fire suppression? You can use that all the time. Well, at least as often as you have fires.

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    any chance I could get a copy of your Firefighter safety grant narrative, I am putting one together myself this year. Thanks

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