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    Default HazMat Tech.

    Will be attending an upcoming HazMat Tech. course. Not too much experience but very eager to learn and become good at my skills. Any advice for the upcoming school?

    Thank You

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    Nothing specific, but remember that even a HazMat Tech class is really just an introduction class in the grand scheme of things.

    I was not a huge fan of HazMat (still not my thing) because I had no idea of what to do for an unknown spill or odor and nobody at that tme could ever give me a good answer. After learning a couple of really key pieces of info, it cleared that all up for me.

    Also, the mnemonic "Every Good Fire Fighter On Pension Receives Cash Money" is what I used to help me remember the hazard classes.
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    Post Keep learning

    As the technical officer on my haz mat team, the advice I give every one is to never stop learning. There is always new chemicals coming out and just when you think you have found out about all the chemicals in your area, more show up. I am always keeping an eye out for what is travelling on our roads. You don't have to know what the 4 digit UN number means, but I do encourage every one to at least know the placard catagories and what dangers the cargo may pose.
    I can understand why some firefighters don't like to do haz mat. An incident is usually a slow process of steps that can take hours to conclude and there can be a lot of sitting around for the entry people while the rest of us are gathering information and formulating a plan of action. We've had a few people leave our team because they are used to the fast pace of a fire incident and don't like to just sit and wait.
    Mark Schmitt put it very well in his March 2006 article "So you're thinking about joining a Haz Mat team?" posted here on I have a copy of this article in PDF form should any one want to read it. Send me a PM with your email address and I'll send it to you.
    Any way, good luck with your training, stay awake and stay safe.
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