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    Default Looking for Volunteers

    Hi brothers!

    I am looking for volunteers to share their training night ideas with us! Sometimes, we can't think of anything to share, and need a quick place to go for ideas. I am creating a place where we can share our ideas in-depth so we don't have to worry about coming up with ideas!

    You can message me here and I will give you details. The website is not public yet and still in beta. Let me know if you have any questions and I hope we can share some awesome, fun, ideas!
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    My old department always served dinner on training nights.The Chief had the idea that "If I feed them,they will come" which resulted in good attendence numbers.
    We also set up who was going to respond in what vehicle to what types of calls that might crop up during the evening.We never had a problem with everyone running to the rigs with no idea of who was going to drive or be in charge of the vehicle.
    Training was IAW NFPA and state(Kentucky) standards.If we couldn't have an actual training simulator,we'd either walk through or figure out some way to do without.For example,I got my first Amkus jaws training ripping up wood pallets since we didn't have a junked car to take apart.
    If there were several tasks to train on,we set up stations,divided the members into groups,usually according to who responded with which other members,(some of us were more active than others) and rotate through until everyone had done the skills being trained on that evening.That formed unit integrity and kept everyone fresh on what we were supposed to do when the pagers went off.
    Hope this helps.

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    Thumbs up And..........

    Go to www.MFRI.org and look up "Drill of the Month" There is a lot of good stuff there.....
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