Wed, 09/07/2011:

The headlong, federally backed push to buy tens of billions of dollars in digital equipment, including radios priced as high as $6,000 each, gained momentum despite the lack of any government standard ensuring that they'll perform for firefighters. Multiple investigations and tests have since found flaws in the equipment made by Motorola and its rivals.

Fire departments in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Phoenix and Boise, Idaho - communities that have spent tens of millions of dollars on the new equipment - are so leery of problems that they won't use digital radios at fire scenes.

Boston firefighters "are not to use digital radios," said Joseph Brooks, radio supervisor for the city's Fire Department. "They don't have them because I said no."
This should not come as a suprise, as failures and problems have been abundant since this 'techie-stuff' came on the market years ago, but with FREE MONEY (grants) being dangled, and not researching the issues, now it's time to 'pay the piper.' Too bad, as many trashed their orginal equip., and are now stuck with this NON-FAILSAFE junk...that cannot be made SAFE!