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    Default College credit transter?

    I am working toward a Fire and Emergency Response AAS degree and planning on going career firefighter after I get out of school. As part of my degree requirements, I have to complete rookie school at the Academy (which is on campus here; SAU Tech, Camden, AR).

    What that boils down to is that I will be EMT, FF 1, FF 2, HAZMAT, etc (not 100% sure exactly what else) upon completion of my program. These certifications are part of my actual degree requirements.

    This leaves me with the question: If they are part of my degree, and not stand-alone certifications, will they carry over to another state?

    I am planning on maybe moving to Tennessee after school (2 years from now), so any information on the specifics of Tenn will be most appreciated, but whatever you have to say will help.


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    Tennessee does have some sort of program regarding out of state certifications carrying over. I think you have to submit some paperwork on it and they review and decide.

    Your best resources will be the Tennessee Fire and Codes Academy http://tn.gov/commerce/sfm/tfaca/index.shtml and the Tennessee
    and the Tennessee Commission on Firefighting.

    The Commission on Firefighting is the actual organization that oversees the certification process so you should probably contact them.

    State of Tennessee - Department of Commerce and Insurance
    Division of Fire Prevention - Commission on Fire Fighting
    500 James Robertson Parkway

    Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0579
    Phone: (615) 741-6780

    Fax: (615) 741-4207

    E-Mail: terry.woody@tn.gov

    Good luck and Stay Safe!

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    Emt should

    The other certs check to see if you get ifsac or pro board cert also

    Like above said check directly with TN.

    Your not asking about the collge hours are you???

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