Hey, I'm a Junior in High School, and I'm part of this class called ISM (Independent Study Mentorship) in which I'm mentored by someone in the career field of my choice for a Semester, then at the end of the semester we have to Present a project that shows what we learned over those 3.5 months. I had an idea for a project but I wasn't sure if it was good, here it is:

Design a Portable Foam Eductor system that has a Remote control system where if the user needed to, they could turn off the Eductor (plain water would be flowing through the Eductor and hose) for a period of time, and then they could remotely turn the Eductor on again. This would be used in the situation where there was a Hydrocarbon fire in one area, and in another area there was a normal fire and you didn't want to waste the foam or get the foam where it doesn't need to be.

Please respond and tell me what you think, Thanks!