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    Default Wooden Step Cribbing

    I want to add to the cribbing on our engine, my question is what sizes of step cribbing do you find to be the most useful and versatile? We have limited storage space.

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    We keep various lengths of 4x4 and 2x4. I believe they are about 2 feet long for the most part.
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    my quick answer is do as much as you can....

    but please tell us are you just doing this for initial stabization or is this going to be set up as a rescue/engine? are you expecting to stabilize an underride? what vehicles come for extrication calls.

    bare min: 4 step chocks (big enough for a mid size suv) and multipe 4x4's (24 inch or so lengths). try to have atleast 16. get some wedges too. may sound like a lot but it is better to have too much on scene than not enough. think about any dead space on the top of the pumper to store things if the compartments are full (dunnage area).
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