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    Default SOPs for SCBA Face Pieces

    Does any one have a specific SOP for when to Don the SCBA Face Piece? i have noticed over the past few weeks when on scene that people are getting out of the engine with their face piece for their scba already on. To me, this is unsafe. It cuts down on what you can see, especially when getting out of the truck. Also, when on scene donning your face piece gives you a couple seconds to re-evaluate whats going on on scene.

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    The only time I ever get off the truck with an mask already on, is when we have a confirmed car fire, and I know I'm going right to work, I get off with the mask on, I plug in when I'm close, and i start my job. but other then that I never would. Now My company has no SOP for this, but I suppose it could be implemented, I don't see a need for it. I don't see a direct need to ever really have your mask on when your getting off the truck, but I've also seen guys show up on scene with masks on, plugging in as soon as they get off the truck (wth?)

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    IMO (for what thats worth) put your face piece on when you are ready to work. Exiting a fire apparatus into a roadway with a face piece on is absurd, and dangerous as field of vision is greatly reduced putting the wearer at a sensory deficit while stepping off apparatus, walking, stretching lines etc... It literally takes seconds to don a face piece, it is not worth getting hurt.
    As for car fires, they are nothing more than dumpsters with motors, take your time, protect yourself and slow down.
    Take the time to become proficient in putting your face piece on and it will take no time at all. Stay safe

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    We usually mask up at the door once we have completed a walk around and ready to make entry. In regards to vehicle fires where is it going? Get the line off the rig and mask up. But... what ever works for your dept I suppose.

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    I think it depends on the situation, and the idividual. If we are going to be first or second in, and there is confirmation of a fire or smoke, I'll mask up before getting off the truck. I don't have a problem with vision with the mask on. I've spent enough time in training with masks (both fire and military) that I a comfortable enough in a mask to know I have to turn my head side to side and get a full view. I had to qualify with a rifle while wearing a mask in the military, that's much harder than making it to the front door with the hose. Now if I were to do a 360, I wouldn't put it on until I'm going to go in, same thing with being the hydrant man. It all comes down to being logical and flexible. You have to have an idea of what your're getting into, and you have to realize you will have to adjust the way you do your size up. There's no such thing as "always" when it comes to putting the mask on before getting off the truck. Sometimes it might make a difference in getting in a few seconds faster. Just use common sense and adjust for the reduced field of vision.

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