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    Default Brand new gloves for sale

    Brand new Pro-Tech 8 Titan Fire Fighter gloves in large for sale. I got the wrong size and pulled out the tag so no return. Great gloves. Used them before. Much better dexterity then other gloves.
    The gloves are the long cuff style.

    The Titan model picks up where the original Pro-Tech 8 left off and offers enhanced protection, abrasion resistance and durability without sacrificing the superior the dexterity, comfort and fit that Pro-Tech 8 users demand

    These gloves use the highest quality components including DuPont Kevlar® and Nomex® and water repellent leather. The multi-layer design allows incredibly soft and comfortable break in with thermal protection that actually increases after washing, as proven during our lab certification testing; also while drying quickly and soft. The inner liner component is 100% knitted Nomex® and cannot be simply pulled apart like the inexpensive non-woven SEF used in many of our competitors top line gloves.
    Pro-Tech 8 Titan's unique knuckle guard system enhances protection where needed which most structural firefighting gloves completely ignore.

    The Pro-Tech 8 Titan Long Cuff wristlet style features a Kevlar® elastic cuff band which prevents debris from entering and eliminates glove slip off. The wristlet section is actually an extension of the actual glove construction providing the same maximum thermal protection found elsewhere in the glove. You no longer need to put up with annoying outdated knit wristlets that lose their elasticity and provide a significantly reduced level of thermal protection.

    The glove is certified as compliant to the NFPA 1971 Standard -- 2007 Edition -- on Protective Ensemble for Structural Firefighting; certifying agent Safety Equipment Institute, Virginia.
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