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    Default Akron Mercury Master

    Has anyone out there used the Akron Mercury Master portable master stream device? We recently had one for evaluation and really liked it but I would like to hear from others.

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    My dept. has them. I like it, its small, flows a pretty good amount of water for its size, and firmly plants itself into the ground(including blacktop and concrete).

    You aren't going to get the flows of the Apollo or other deluge guns, but it fits its niche.

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    We tested the Mercury, RAM, BlitzLite and Blitzfire portable monitors. We chose the Blitzfire due to the safety shut-off and really low attack angles. The others could not provide the level of safety or performance. We have them preconnected on the rear of each engine.

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    I have used the Blitzfire and the R.A.M. at actual incidents. Never used the Akron Mercury but believe it isn't a whole lot different than the other 2.

    I personally like the compactness of the R.A.M. But the Blitzfire does a nice job and the saftey shut off is a nice touch if you manage to tip it over.

    My suggestion? Borrow all three if you can and play with them and buy the one that fits your needs best.
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    ditto on what fyred said. call the vendors, they will send them out to try.

    i have botht he bf's and rams. i like the bf more.
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    Default Been there discussed that

    Here is a link to a previous discussion on this tool.http://www.firehouse.com/forums/show...=akron+mercury (Akron Mercury Monitor)
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