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    Question Drivers License Requirements

    Does anyone have policies in place that allow members to possess a Drivers License from a neighboring state where they may reside. thanks.

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    All we require is a valid drivers license. Being right on the state line I could care less where it is from, as long as it is valid

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    We have a couple of members that live out of state and it hasn't presented a problem in our department.
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    Volunteer department, but being from a heavily military area, its common to have people who are legal residents of another state. Most of the time it's Florida or Texas. No issues that I've ever seen with out of state licenses, as long as it's valid.

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    The only thing extra I would do is check the driving status in BOTH states - way back when I was a dispatcher, we would sometimes run into someone with a valid license in their home state, but be suspended/revoked in NY due to violations etc.....

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