FDConnected.com is a website providing a tool to departments nationwide. Here, your Department or Organization is all in ONE place with similarities to social media sites but with the privacy of a locked door. With tools like event posting (ie. training), public groups, private groups, messaging, facebook login integration, image galleries, video hosting, mass member messaging/email, and more, FDConnected.com offers consolidation of today's media.

Connect with your friends and colleagues with wall posts.

Create groups for specific tasks or departments.

Groups-Groups can be created by anyone. EXAMPLE: Your department creates a group to organize it's members with training, bulletins, and more. You may choose to make this group public or private. A private group is a member only group. You must be the creator, send a request, or be invited it. For your typical department it may be a good idea to create both public and a private group. This allows the public and other departments to interact with your department, while having a separate private group to handle business. Here you would want to make the group name accordingly. EXAMPLE: myfiredepartment-public and myfiredepartment-private.

Facebook Integration: If logging in with Facebook user it will prompt to allow several acceptability options for FDConnected.com. This is the default Facebook requirement, however FDConnected.com does not use or access any of what is listed. When logged in with Facebook it really opens up your departments exposure. Simply clicking "SHARE" will open a window with tons of opyions for linking FDConnected.com walls posts and events with other social media sites.

Login or register today and connect your department!