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    Default New Idea for this forum

    i like many use this forum everday, and for the most part I read alot more than I post, but consider the resources here top notch.

    When purchasing new equipment for my team, I turn here first and then Youtube, to see if the item has been discussed, researched, reviewed or thrown out before i purchase it.

    I also really like the "what if" scenarios and pictures that are posted. All to often i see an article that has "0" replies or very few and it seems that it is worth much more discussion than it gets.

    i would like to propose that we as a group of interested and educated technical rescue practitioners pose more "what if's" and technical pics, as well as sharing our training and actual calls.

    Also i would like to see us, and that can be anyone of us, take a certain item of equipment and do a review on it, so that this forum can be a better resource than it already is.

    We have discussion on many types of equipment, but not dedicated review articles. i propose that we start and each week a new item gets reviewed. Some of the items that come to mind are:
    -the petzl ID
    - the Radium Hitch
    -The Aztec Set
    - Ascending devices
    - out of the box thinking on edge protection
    - air cart reviews
    and so on.

    The discussion on the "UFO" was exactly what we need to keep this forum good and up to date.


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    Thumbs up

    I thnk that is a great idea

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