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    Hey, I'm thinking about applying for a coast guard base FF job in south Jersey..

    my question here the posting it says that the applicant " has 1 year from time of hire" to get these X amount of certs.(FFI,II,NJ EMT etc.) now, I'm currently enrolled in an EMT class, took and passed a Fire II challenge, (but I need to go retake my fire 1 to get both certs)..the job posting ends October 6th I believe, now, obviously I don't want to claim certifications that I don't have, but, I do want to make it known that I'm going to have the proper certifications before I'm hired,if I'm hired..

    Now, I know that the USAjobs and resumex is scanned by a what is my best route..just not mention anything/the stuff that I have...or ??

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    Couple of pieces of advice from a former Federal FF:

    1. This is posted as a GS-07 position, which means the boss is most likely trying to promote someone from within up to a Driver/Operator or low-level officer position (equal to a Lieutenant position.) They are required to post the job externally due to legalities, but for the most part it is a formality. Promoting from within is very easy to do, but they have to open it up for X amount of time. After they promote internally, they may then opt to advertise for the open position created by the promotion at the GS-05 or 06 level. This may or may not be the case here, but I suspect it is.

    2. As the position is advertised as a "7", I wouldn't think you would have a prayer in hell. "7's" are experienced FF's/Driver Operators with several years of experience. No offense.

    3. Competition for jobs at Cape May is always CUT-THROAT. And when I say CUT-THROAT, think Gladiators in an ancient roman collisseum battling to the death against one another. There will be many applicants for this spot that have all of the prerequisites at the full performance level. You also need to know that there are a bunch of guys at what is left of the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard FD that are foaming at the mouth and willing to kill one another that are looking to get this spot before they are RIF'd. I also understand a bunch of guys from NDW are looking to get out of dodge and go elsewhere.

    Now, I am not saying dont go for it- quite the opposite. Apply for any and every federal job you would ever want. The more you apply, the more experience you get at applying- and applying for federal jobs is a combination of filing a federal tax return and childbirth, especially for a newcomer. But I did want you to know that the competition will be stiff. Good Luck.

    I can't offer you any assistance on how to beat the computer, which does tune in on key words and phrases. I was hired manually by blue-haired old ladies who used pencils and typewriters.

    You can try, however to
    "Loyalty Above all Else. Except Honor."

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    In addition to what FWD said,

    You need to meet one of the candidate requirements that falls under status candidacy ( Assuming you are a veteran with easy access to your DD214, you also need your Hazmat Technician and Driver/Operator Pumper certification.

    It is rare that you will see an announcement that allows you to get your certifications in X amount of time of employment. Based on the GS-7 PD, you must have and maintain Hazmat Tech to qualify for that position (the only difference between a GS-6 and GS-7 normally is 7s have HMT, BLS, or HMT/BLS).

    Again, like FWD said, apply because it will give you good experience applying for federal jobs and hell, you may actually get it but don't get your hopes up until the tentative job offer comes along. As far a resume help is concerned, every requirement that is on the announcement should somehow be on your resume. Somehow write "will obtain IFSAC/PROBOARD Firefighter I/II by XX/XX/XXXX, New Jersey/NREMT-B by XX/XX/XXXX, etc".

    Good luck.

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