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    We've had several Sutphen's since 1997, when we purchased a SP100, our 1st. The truck ran like a tank. Sold it after about 10 years old and got 75% return on investment. We've had a Beck (and we all know what happened to them), out of business after only a few years, Mack also went of business (too bad!), and Seagrave. All ran well except for the Beck, was a piece of junk. And we have a pretty good maintenance schedule, so our trucks hold up really well. Since the '97 we've had them build a mini-pumper, 2 Monarch's, and an SPH100. Have a Shield on order, expected delivery June 2012, should be at NYSAFC Show at Turning Stone. The mini-pumper was built by Sutphen East in NY in 2002. But, in my opinion I would have everything built in OH. That truck wasn't a bad truck, just eventually wasn't a good fit for us. We could have used some guidance from the salesman at the time and didn't really get it. Since then there upstate NY dealer is selling Sutphen's like hotcakes. I can tell from the build numbers they have doubled production from '05-'08 to '08-'12. So they must be doing something right. Up here it's Sutphen, Pierce, E-One, and KME with a few Ferrara's, Toyne's, other small manufacturers sprinkled in. We gave Pierce a good shot at getting their truck into our station, but in the end, they couldn't offer what we wanted in a smaller sized truck, with a lot more compartmentation, and MUCH lower hosebed and for about $20K less. Basically the only issues we've had with out Sutphens was the components, not the craftsmanship of the truck. Our '05 CAFS pumper's Hale CAFSPRO was junk in the beginning, needed years to get it dialed good now, but is very expensive to operate. Our '08 Monarch and SPH100 also run really well, but we had a major engine problem with the Detroit motors. The injector cups needed replacing and the local shop had no idea how to fix it. Practically had to sue Detorit to get the problem resolved, after no help, the President of Supthen stepped in and helped get the repair done. That showed a great deal of loyalty to me. We were always Detroit (except for the Mack) but because of the that we went with Cummins (basically the only choice anyway). And the Pierce rep was pushing the Detroit (now Mercedes Benz) engine. Most others would have left us hanging. We even got our local repair shop Sutphen certified. So we are lucky, we have have great quality apparatus and can get 'factory' certified service when needed only about 15 mins away.

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    We just got 7 Sutphen engines at my career dept., nice looking trucks. However, we've had some issues with the one at my stattion, which in my experience is not unusual for the Sutphen brand. Most of the stuff is fit and finish type things, no major problems that are catastrophic so far. Sutphen's tend to have poor window mechanisms and door latch hardware. The 12v outlets on our truck were wired wrong, and the electronic siren is not working. (we have a Q also) The floor matting tends to wear through prettly quick, but if you put it some heavy rubber horse stall mats, that will never be a problem. Brakes on a couple of trucks had to be adjusted at the start as well, don't know if that's a Sutphen problem or a problem with the axle mfg.
    You have to be VERY thurough with your spec's. Don't let Sutphen decide what you want. They can build good custom trucks if you write good specs.
    I would NEVER want a Sutphen buillt on a commercial chassis. We had an order of them in the early 90's and they were the worst firetrucks I've ever seen in terms of looks, operability and reliability.
    My VFD just purchased a engine/tanker and we toured the Sutphen plant. It was better than we expected, but in the end Pierce was several thousand cheaper and had better attention to detail.
    As for the Rhino liner inside, I don't see a problem other than they may have to send it out to have it done, they may not have the equipment. Wouldn't hurt to ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BULL321 View Post
    Our 1993 Stuphen Engine, runs just as good today as it did when it was new. Great rig. Would not bat an eye if we get a chance to buy a new one. Nothing runs like a Sutphen!

    That is Nothing Runs Like A DEERE!

    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

    Always remembering 9-11-2001 and 343+ Brothers

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