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    Default RIT equipment

    I am looking to possible update our RIT equipment list as too what to and what to carry, so I would like to hear what other departments are using in the way of equipment either from paid or volunteer especially in the way of hand tools.

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    Every firefighter is equipped with GutBelt, a personal escape system, and a 9 foot webbing loop with a carabiner.

    RIT specific equipment includes a RIT air pack, Columbus Kit, FEPS, battering ram, Denver tool, Utility tool kit (various tin snips, wire cutters, Fiscar snips, pipe wrench, wedges, marker strobe lights), Cutter's Edge chain saw (no depth gauge), search ropes, TIC, Rit helmet shields and bottle markers, stokes basket to carry it all.

    I am sure there is more but this is all that hits me right now.
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    RIT Tarp gets the following:

    Halligan, flathead and pickhead axe, Fubar, bolt cutters, sledgehammer, chainsaw (residental) or K12 (commercial), TIC, 2-6' pike poles, 100' (residental) or 200' (commercial) rescue rope, stokes, backboard, 2 spare cylinders, 2 SCBA, 2 flashlight.
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    a. I - SCBA bottle - (1 hour)
    b. I - SCBA mask (standard size)
    c. I - ScBAregulator
    d. I - pressure reducer with 20' low pressure hose and fittings for Emergency
    Breathing Support System - (EBSS) with I - 6' extension hose
    e. | - 125' search and rescue rope with a locking "D" ring attached
    f. 5 - 15' guide lines, with non-locking "D" rings
    g. 2 - straps of nylon webbing (16 ft. and 30 ft.)
    h. hand tools: tin snips, 3" serrated knife, chalk, 4 sprinkler wedges
    (to be used as door stop), 3 lightsticks, 4-piece small tool set, and 1 multi-tipped
    i. 1 - 100' Kemmantle rescue rope, 9 mm
    j 2 - 5' Kemmantle rescue rope sections, 7 mm
    k. ' RIT checklist packet.
    plus saws,rabbit tool,and hand tools (axes,celling hooks, halligan ect. ect.)
    also long spin board, ferno baket,mansack and reeves
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    We just went through a 40 hour RIT training at our department and revised what our department is going to do per member of the team.

    This is what we do:

    We send a 5 man crew -

    RIT Branch Chief - Commands RIT team, and stays in contact with IC and Mayday Victim.

    1st - RIT Company Officer - Commands the company interior.

    - Handlight
    - RIT Rope Bag
    - Radio

    2nd - Irons

    - Handlight
    - Flat Axe & Haligan
    - Radio

    3rd - Air

    - Handlight
    - RIT Bottle
    - Radio

    4th - Misc Tool

    - Handlight
    - Mini sledge
    - Small Pike Pole
    - Radio

    We encourage everyone to take a radio.

    The 4th guy orginally would have a Rabbit tool, but after trial and error we found those were the best tools to take in.

    Also, EVERY firefighter is required to carry the following in there gear.

    - Kline cutters
    - 25 ft webbing
    - 6 ft double looped webbing
    - Flashlight
    - Multipurpose tool

    This has seemed to work good for us, let me know your thoughts.

    Stay safe!


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    Like all the other responses, my department's RIC includes the common hand tools, and power saws. My company brings a sawzall. 36 volt seems to work the best. The power saw likely will not start inside to get a firefighter who may be lodged in a floor collapse, and is also very dangerous to use in low visibility. All truck companies carry a RIC bag with an air bottle, regulator, and high pressure fill capability. One may not be enough, we try to secure asecond when we are a RIC. EMS equipment is standard, don't forget the AED. We have two bags of rope. One for search, and the other has two ladder belt hooks and a pulley for a 2:1 MA. Each company is equipped with a TIC, and we will try to acquire the Battalion Chief's and/or the safety officers fronm their cars. Lastly, you may consider bringing a nozzle. The RIC may need a hoseline. Many times the base pumpers croos lays are being used. But, often there is a dead lay of hose in the bed that can be used.

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    Your RIT team carries an AED ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slackjawedyokel View Post
    Your RIT team carries an AED ?
    I've heard of some that do. I don't imagine they take it inside in bad conditions.
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    Lots of equipment being collected. At what point does all that equipment start to bog you down, and take the R out of RIT?

    We run a RIT with two guys with for cable entry tools (haligan, and axe), one guy with the RIT bag and rope, and one guy with TIC.

    As the incident escalates we compile extra RIT teams. If one team goes in another is ready to go. If the team finds they need other equipment they radio to the RIT chief who assigns another RIT to get it off the truck in front of the building.

    Any fire automatically gets two RIT teams and a RIT chief.

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