I currently work full time and going to night school would be very difficult for with my current situation. After having tested with Garland a week ago (got a 91, needed at least a 93), I have come to the conclusion that I pretty much need fire basic + emt-b to even hope to get hired on somewhere (without having to compete with 100+ people per position).

I found a website (trainingdivision.com) that offers a fire basic course (fire i, ii, hazmat aw, ops) for $2500, you do everything online, supposed to take about 12 weeks complete, then you do a 2 week boot camp and test (you go to their facility which is about 20 miles from my house and stay for 2 straight weeks). This would pretty much be the only way I could do a cert with my current job.

For an additional $350 you can add on EMT first responder to the fire basic, and for $1000 you can do EMT basic, which requires you to take another 12 weeks online, 5 full classroom days, then 2 rotations and 2 ride alongs.

I've talked to two buddies, one stated he thinks it would be okay to do the fire online, but not the emt-b, then the other buddy stated the exact opposite and even claimed that many citites will not acknowledge a fire cert that is obtained through an online school (which I find a little strange since trainingdivision.com is an accredited fire school here in Texas).

To further compound my problems I see that many cities want fire + paramedic, so is it even worth going for fire basic + emt basic?

What would you guys recommend? The ideal situation for me would be (well, other then getting on with a department that requires no certifications) to do it all online, take off the 2 weeks and go for the boot camp for fire, then do the emt and take off a week to do the classes for that. The closest fire academy to me that offers night classes is 25miles away (3x a week @ 50miles round trip for 35 weeks is a lot of miles), 35 weeks long, and worst off doesn't start until March, so that is obviously not the most ideal situation.

Thanks in advance.