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    Default Which base will I go to?

    I've been hired by DynCorp as an EVT but I'm not sure where I will be in Afghanistan. The job is posted as Kandahar, but DynCorp will not confirm that I will be at KAF. How many bases have fire trucks and ambulances near Kandahar? They did tell me if for some reason I need to leave base I would go by helicopter, not on a truck.

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    Default Not kaf

    I can't tell you where you will end up, but can tell you it won't be kaf. Dyncorp does not have any fire trucks there. You will go to a base that has fire coverage. You won't know till you arrive in kaf and then you will be assigned a base to travel

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    If it's like the EVT's we had (eventually), you'll be floating all over the place going where you are needed.
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