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    Default Stay safe everyone

    well, today I move out. I've deicded to rent one of those little public storage roms so I can keep my suitcase locked up and maybe hide in it at night. I have nowhere else to go, family members that tell me I have no job, no hopes of getting a job, no life, no reason to stay in SF and a brother who called me "a piece of sh*t last night, life really sucks right now. The harder I try, the more I get beaten down.

    Stay safe everyone. I don't know when I will be back as I will not have access to the internet.

    You are the ones who inspired me to get my degree in Fire Science. Along the way,you also helped put me on the path to grant writing for AFG which I love. I have learned so much about the fire service and how much you really do for us. You always have and always will have my deepest respect and admiration for all that you. Take care everyone. Stay safe.

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    oh Cheffie - stay safe out there!...hmm...you have a degree...dang it, the drop-dead date for the FPS test in NY has passed already.....

    Hope all turns out well...keep your chin up - something is out there - maybe not your dream job to start...but work your way there!

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    Good luck Sherry. I hope all works out for you. Take care 'n stay safe out there!

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    We will surely miss you and hope and pray that you will find something to work at and use your skills to achieve better things in life.

    Remember where your friends are!!

    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

    Always remembering 9-11-2001 and 343+ Brothers

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    Our thoughts and best wishes for you. I hope things look up for you VERY soon. And, for those that have put you down, what goes around, comes around. Blessed Be!!!

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    Wish you the the Best, Keep your head up, Things are always the darkest before the Light.
    Courage, Being Scared to Death and Saddling Up anyways.

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    Smile Sherry?..........

    You're in our Thoughts and Prayers Hon, hang in there........
    Never use Force! Get a Bigger Hammer.
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