Hi guys,

The past few weeks I have been busy advertising an upcoming "Open House" being hosted by the fire department. We've put together a nice tour of the house and apparatus, along with equipment and training demonstrations, as well as a presentation by one of our LO's, followed by Q&A and then refreshments.

Several FF's will be in attendance to help with demonstrations and at least 1 LO and 1 Chief Officer will be there as well, as will the Firematics Program Director, with some current Firematics members.

I created a flyer which was distributed at the local community day this past weekend, and it was sent to the local high schools Firefighter class instructor. We are hoping for at least 10 family's, with a hopeful recruitment of 4-6 new students.

What I would like to ask is, has anyone held this type of event before? What advice do you have as far as operations and what should we expect from the students/parents. Also, what information other than the obvious should be readily available, and what are some good things to send them home with?