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    Can anyone elaborate on the reliability of the 50% cut in Afghanistan ITT FF positions rumor? Hearing lots of different things...Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firesheep99 View Post
    Can anyone elaborate on the reliability of the 50% cut in Afghanistan ITT FF positions rumor? Hearing lots of different things...Thanks.
    Firesheep99, what are you hearing?

    The 50% rumor is just that, a rumor. I doubt we will have any firm information until the moment it happens. Our upper management simply told us as a heads up. I would imagine the majority of the sites will hold the info until the last minute to avoid any undue stress and turmoil that would surface as a result.

    The facts are this though: Fluor, DynCorp etc. are nearing the 2014 end of contract for Afghanistan. The Afghan President and the American Public want us out. This means we will see a decrease in troops (already happening) and contractors needed to support them. Our Greenville pipeline has already been shut down and we have lost 2 firefighters in as many days.

    So is there any validity to the rumor? I don't know, but the facts seem to point that direction. This could be simply an issue with the installations slated to be closed. If you're at an enduring base you may have no worries.

    Anyone else here anything or are we alone? Maybe it’s just us!

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    Rum, you need to re-read my last post. That being said, I re-read yours and I must say I did mis-read a couple of your points. My apologies. As far as my experiences, though, I am spot on. I've been at several different bases in both countries and the experience, for the most part, has been about the same. I also know a lot of these guys got their certs from "cert factories". Again, without the practical experience, its just paper, and I think you would agree on that. BTW- I haven't bragged about fires. I just stated that I know I have a lot more experience than a lot of the contract firefighters in the game based on admissions by these same people. In all honesty, I think some of these guys confuse confidence with arrogance. They are not the same. Some of your ops guys do act like they invented the fire service.

    As far as reductions, I did email a buddy of mine that works for Dyn...he said there has been talk of some base closures but nothing in the 50% range.
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    Whats with all the Fire Inspector positions with Dycorp? I'm in the early application process?

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